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How to make them click

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Each of us wants to create a banner that attracts many clicks and results in numerous conversions – whether it’s sale or lead. But what makes people click on a banner? How to increase our conversion rate? You may find some answers below:

1. Emotions

Research (Tian Xie and affiliates) shows, that for a banner to be more clickable, it needs to induce positive emotions and contain some additional incentive, like discounts, free shipping, free samples. Such banners were most frequently clicked by research respondents. So, if you can choose a creation from the advertisers or network – considering emotions induced by it, may increase your future income.

Just remember – the message conveyed by the banner must be consistent. You should never mix negative emotions (e.g. accident insurance ad) with positive incentives, like discounts. Incoherent message makes a click less likely .

2. Content

Another important issue is message content itself. Let’s not dwell on such basics like consistency of the ad content with the landing page – if you are using CPC model, you might not pay special attention to it, but for those using CPA model, it is absolutely crucial. Banner content determines its number of clicks – it is said that web users only skim web pages, but when it comes to banners – they won’t click on one without first reading it. Here are two things that can substantially increase the number of clicks:

  • Make a reference to others who got involved – content like: „80% of our users chose this new antivirus software.”
  • Make a reference to a group, to which users aspire – e.g. „Research shows, that the best athletes train every day. Sign up for a series of trainings.”

Mixing these techniques with positive emotions may yield excellent results.

3. Location

Where you place your ad, is one of the main factors determining the success of your campaign. It is common knowledge that web page visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold, thus it is the best location for your ad – consider how many potential clickers you might lose, not following this simple rule (for more extensive info check out Jacob Nielsen’s research).

You should also remember about additional elements promoting a product that you can include in your web page, e.g. a link in articles section, auxiliary menu for the articles, boxes consistent with page design – they are very effective and users find them more trustworthy than animated ads.

4. Call to action

Call to action is one of the most important elements of any landing page, banner or mailing. Even its color or size may considerably affect conversion, so you should focus on testing and changing it. Even a slight change may render excellent results. Things to focus on:

  • Size and color – a CTA should be distinct and attention-grabbing. If your landing page includes two CTAs, distinguish the one which is more important to you – division into Primary Action and Secondary Action. Is it more important to get the user to download a free trial or to buy full version on the spot? You should determine your strategy by comprehensive tests, because it may very well be, that the follow-up action after downloading a trial yields better results than pushing a sale at once.
  • Type – a button or maybe a text link? If you are using CPC model it is recommended to start with buttons – they usually attract more clicks, especially if they coloristically stand out from the rest of the page. But if you are more sale or lead oriented, the only way is through extensive testing (more about it, below).
  • Content – have you ever attended a discussion on sales effectiveness – a button saying „Buy/Order” or „Check out”? Won’t „Buy” scare off potential customers? Won’t „Check out” be too weak of a CTA? Each case is different. I recently changed „Buy” to „Check out” on one of my pages and conversion dropped. There is no better way than testing and statistics.

5. Fifth and foremost – testing!!

Anyone working in internet marketing has their own way of increasing conversion. The methods vary depending on the market sector and target user itself. But there is nothing better than testing and analyzing the results to come up with the best solution for your needs.

A/B test are definitely worth recommending. Not only they allow you to determine which button is most effective, but they can also help you to choose the best content and location for your ad. One of the most popular tools for running such tests was Google Website Optimizer. Its downside was that it wasn’t very intuitive and it required a lot of time (programming know-how was also necessary), but on the upside, it was free.

My favorite software is Visual Website Optimizer – it costs ca. 49 $ per month but it is very intuitive. You can easily change content, replace buttons and set up tests in just 30 minutes. It allows integrating your results with Google Analytics to obtain additional statistical data. For those, who want to set up tests quickly and without getting into the source code. Conversion increase guaranteed.

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